Dental Speaker • Practice Strategist • Mentor

Dental Practices:

  • Fractional Office Manager/Operations Manager
  • The Manager’s Manager- Positioning Practice Managers to Lead
  • Ultimate Effective Checklist Package- Practice Customized Checklists
  • Lead Me and Love Me- Dental Spouse Mentorship and Coaching Program
  • Treatment Acceptance Coaching, Training, and Development
  • Internal Marketing Strategy and Public Relations
  • Statistics in Action- Manage Using Real Practice Data

Speaking Topics For Meeting Planners:

  • Don’t Knock ‘Em Dead: Handling and Preventing Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
  • It is Your Circus, They are Your Monkeys, Don’t Go Bananas: Team Management
  • The Art of Not Giving a Suck: A Dental Assistants Guide to Treatment Presentation and Acceptance
  • Dental Risk Busters: Brushing Up on Your Risk Management Strategy
  • Think Like an Owner: A Team Member’s Guide to Making More Money and Finding Joy in Your Career
  • More Than Just a PiPE Dream: Partnership in Practice Excellence Dental Spouse Edition- Organizational Management, Stress Reduction
  • Stick that in your PiPE and Smoke It: Partnership in Practice Excellence Dental Spouse Edition- Relationships, Culture, Working Together
  • Dental Practice Marketing- Custom Designed Course Delivered or Workshop Format for Specialty or General on Internal Marketing Strategy
  • StatTastic: Unleash the Fun and Power of Effective Statistics Management

For Attorneys:

  • Analysis of Standard of Care for Business Operations and Systems
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • New Client Inquiry Screening and Documented Intake
  • Case Review and Consultation
  • Software and Dental Practice Report Analysis